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Walk the Talk - End Domestic Violence PDF Print E-mail

The theme for 2016 Walk the Talk is "Community Against Violence 2016"

Violence against women and girls is a global epidemic, women and girls suffer sexually, economically, physically and at times pay the ultimate – death.  Women and girls are denied equality and security. Violence against women and girls is not confined to a single country or social group of people, violence occurs in all fabrics of society across the globe. Soroptimists world wide continue to advocate to governments and raise awareness to these issues. Calling on governments to stop the perceived tolerance towards gender violence, create awareness campaigns to promote non violence and gender equality, increase budgets to domestic violence service delivery organisations. Champion male leaders to demonstrate that the new norm is Zero tolerance level to domestic violence.


The theme for 2016 is "Community Against Violence 2016"


Activities, Advocacy and Awareness  functions are being planned through out the Federation,  keep watching the website and the events page for more information. 


Facebook Fans

Become a friend of the SISWP facebook page, and promote the WTT events by participating in the SISWP Facebook campaign. The challenge is how many facebook pages can we change to the SISWP Walk the Talk banner. Spread the word, about Soroptimist International and Walk the Talk, you can obtain the image by two ways,  download the one from the facebook site or download the banner -   

Advocacy Opportunities

Soroptimists should undertake advocacy to support the Elimination of Violence against Women, Soroptimists are urged to speak with their Government Ministers. In Australia Soroptimists should advocate for zero tolerance, increased funds and their committment to the National Action Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, this would also apply to Soroptimists from the 13 Federation Countries. 



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