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Soroptimists are business and professional women who work to maintain high ethical standards in their business and professional life and who use their talents and energy in the service of their local and global communities. Soroptimists form a global movement of women who have accepted the challenge to advance human rights and the status of women.

Hear from three women on why they are Soroptimists:

 Di Lockwood - SISWP Programme Director

Rosaline Miller -  SISWP Constitution Convenor

Leigh Elwwod- Brown  - Chair SI Organisational Development Committee


Membership offers opportunities for personal growth and development as well as for international travel and friendships.

Every Soroptimist can:

  • attend meetings of any Club in the world;
  • meet women from many different backgrounds, all using their skills for others;
  • participate in meetings and conferences in many parts of the world;
  • participate in on-line chat and discussions;
  • hold leadership positions at any level of the organisation.

A Network of Friendship
A major benefit of Soroptimist membership is the opportunity to attend meetings of Soroptimist clubs throughout the world. Each Federation maintains a directory containing information about club meeting times and contacts. The Soroptimist Residential Club in central London offers residential accommodation to visiting Soroptimists and friends.

An international register of members willing to offer accommodation to visiting Soroptimists (and family) is maintained through the OPEN HEART - OPEN DOOR programme.

As part of international goodwill and understanding programme, many Regions regularly offer Friendship Grants to Soroptimists (and partners). Soroptimists offered such grants are responsible for their own airfares, but are hosted by Soroptimists during their stay.

Membership Eligibility
Membership of a Soroptimist Club is by invitation and care is taken to ensure that each Club represents a wide range of occupations. Members are chosen for their individual qualities, as well as their status in their chosen area of work.

To qualify for membership a woman should:

  • be working in a profession or business or in an occupation of comparable status or responsibility;
  • be retired from or temporarily or permanently out of work from a profession or business or an occupation of comparable status or responsibility;
  • be embarking on a career in a profession or business or occupation of a comparable status or responsibility.

Membership Costs
Whilst clubs charge a fixed annual fee for membership, the fees are made up of capitation fees for the region (if one exists) and the Federation plus a component decided by each club. The capitation fee component also differs depending on a country's economic status.  As such, if you are seeking an idea of membership fees, you should ask that specific question when making a membership enquiry. In addition, membership fees are defined on a pro-rata basis if you join part-way through the year.  In comparison to other service clubs, the fee structure is very attractive and not prohibitive.

Membership of a Soroptimist club is very rewarding, to make enquiries of a club near you complete the membership enquiry form.


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