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Solomon Islands Charter Date: 11/07/1992
Meeting Time: first Wednesday of the month at 17:00 Members: 7
Correspondence:   PO Box 1200, Honiara, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , Secretary Solomon Islands Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Latest News From Solomon Islands

Jenny Tuhaika promoting SISI at the Central MarkertPrintE-mail
Written by Beverley Herbert  
Sunday, 19 December 2010
Italy & Solomon Island clubs open HospicePrintE-mail
Written by Beverley Herbert  
Sunday, 30 January 2011
A five-bed ward to treat and accommodate women with terminal cancer was opened at the Good Samaritan hospital on Thursday 27 January 2011.yesterday.
This was in collaboration with Italian Soroptimist along with Soroptimist International Solomon islands (SISI).
Dr Piera Pelizzatti (Gynaecologist) of SI Sondria in northern Italy and Amanda Olivi (national Vice president of SI Italy) officially opened the ward which they furnished with special mattresses to prevent pressure sores and subsequent infections happening to the terminally ill women.

SISI president Dulcie Porteous said it highlights the Soroptimist International mission of inspiring action and creating opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls through international partnership.

Director of Pap-smear clinic at Referral Hospital Dr Levi Hou said the clinic would accommodate women that have all cancers especially cervical cancer patients. Dr Hou added that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after women with cancer and to give them hope.    

Director of Health for Guadalcanal Province Dr Michael Babala said the setup of the clinic was the first at the Samaritan hospital and would help women of east Guadalcanal. He said women with cancer would be cared for at the Good Samaritan Hospital but it would need support from everyone else. Dr Babala thanked the Italian Soroptimist International group and the Solomon Islands club for their support to help women with cancer.

The Italian Soroptimists have provided a scholarship for a Greek doctor, Dr Constilia Karydi to be based at the Tetere hospital which houses the hospice and obstetric facilities.
Launch of Hapi Helti Kalenda 2011PrintE-mail
Written by Beverley Herbert  
Wednesday, 24 November 2010

 lady grace kabui - si solomons kalenda.jpg

The Solomon Island branch of Soroptiomist International (SISI) officially launched the 7th Kalenda since 2003 on Thursday 4 November at the Bamboo Bar King Solomon Hotel.  SISI welcomed this opportunity to not only promote the sale of the Kalenda but also to publicly thank and acknowledge the sponsors without whose support the project could not proceed.

Secretary, Beverley Herbert, said "The production of the Kalenda was a year-long project as it requires research of suitable health and community related topics which were then depicted in drawings". Nelson Horipua, a local graphic artist in Honiara, works with the calendar committee to put ideas into drawings. There are many changes during the year as sponsors also add input to the pages


The New Zealand High Commission have supported the project since 2003 after Deputy High Commissioner Bridget Nichols died accidentally and the first calendar was launched in her memory. RAMSI have always given generously of their support and help distribute the Kalenda during their outreach programs. Other sponsors who have continued their support are Sullivans & Nambawan Meat, Our Telekom and Provincial Press. The 2011 Kalenda has seen new sponsors become involved, namely Y.Sato, Silent World, and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program. The Bamboo Bar supported the Kalenda launch and ongoing sales.


Without sponsorship the Kalenda would not be possible as the cost of printing is above the $5 retail cost. However, SISI believe keeping the Kalenda at an affordable level enables important messages to be taken to the Provinces as presents for family and friends.


The launch included a celebration of the works of local artists and women’s crafts as well as a silent auction of hand coloured enlargements of each month’s picture from the Kalendar. These are a one off enlargement that has been carefully coloured by a local artist and were sold by auction and are open for viewing today only from 10 – 3pm at the Bamboo Bar

The Kalendas will be on sale each Saturday at the Central Market and available from Bulk Shops and selected outlets


Corina Leve and Beverley Herbert demonstrate a Tippi TapPrintE-mail
Written by Beverley Herbert  
Monday, 19 July 2010
img_2150.jpgTippi Tap“Health is in your hands” said Soroptimist International Solomon Islands (SISI) when they launched a simple hand-washing system made from recyclable materials. The Tippi Tap is a highly effective way to reduce skin, respiratory and eye infections and more importantly reduce the chance of diarrhoea (bellirun). Research shows that hand-washing with soap, can reduce the incidence of the infections by 50%.  The length of time hands are washed is also important.  20 seconds is the desired time but children find this hard to estimate. By singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice, while soaping the hands, is approximately the correct time span.   Tippy Taps were invented in Africa, where nearly 1 billion people do not have clean or sufficient water supplies and 2.5 billion do not have access to sanitation.  Health spokesperson and Secretary for SISI, Beverley Herbert saw the Tippy Tap idea in an AusAID Focus magazine and immediately recognised that it had a place in the Solomon Islands. “Diarrhoea and respiratory infections are leading causes of hospital admissions and death in children here” she said.  “Health is in your hands”, says Ms Herbert who has worked in community health for 30 years. She strongly stresses the best way to stay healthy is simply hand-washing, with soap, especially after going to the toilet and while preparing or before kai kaium food.  The Tippi Tap is made from easily sourced materials; recycled plastic bags to plait into a string, and a container with a built in handle. 2 -3 small holes are punctured into the lid and another in the handle to equalise pressure then the container filled with sea or fresh water. When the Tippi Taps are placed outside latrines, kitchens and house entrances families will hopefully wash their hands and faces more often and thereby reduce the chances of getting common infections. Another SISI member, Korina Leve, a well known preschool educator and presenter of TV One Pikinini Skol was also helping with the Tippi Tap launch. The Ministry of Health Water and Sanitation and Health Promotion Departments where shown the simple hand-washing concept. Ms Leve will encourage young children to wash their hands during her TV programmes.
Madam Sikua new memberPrintE-mail
Written by Beverley Herbert  
Wednesday, 12 August 2009
madam_sikua.jpgSolomon Island Soroptimist's welcome one of their newest members to the group, none other than the wife of the Prime Minister.  Madam Doris Sikua joined the group and will be an active advocate for women's issues in the Solomon Islands.
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