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Soroptimist Projects
Project work is undertaken at all levels of the organisation from Club to International. SISWP projects are proposed by clubs and/or regions and chosen at the biennial Conference of Clubs. Members in the Federation join members from around the world in supporting a number international projects. Members often have the opportunity to visit and/or participate in projects through "hands-on" work or study projects.

Walk the Talk - End Domestic Violence PDF Print
Soroptimist Projects

The theme for 2016 Walk the Talk is "Community Against Violence 2016"

Violence against women and girls is a global epidemic, women and girls suffer sexually, economically, physically and at times pay the ultimate – death.  Women and girls are denied equality and security. Violence against women and girls is not confined to a single country or social group of people, violence occurs in all fabrics of society across the globe. Soroptimists world wide continue to advocate to governments and raise awareness to these issues. Calling on governments to stop the perceived tolerance towards gender violence, create awareness campaigns to promote non violence and gender equality, increase budgets to domestic violence service delivery organisations. Champion male leaders to demonstrate that the new norm is Zero tolerance level to domestic violence.

SI President's Appeals PDF Print
Soroptimist Projects
Each year, on December 10 (Human Rights Day), Soroptimists are asked to make some small personal sacrifice and donate the money saved to a project chosen by the President of Soroptimist International. Clubs are also encouraged to conduct special fund raising for the Appeal.
Federation Projects PDF Print
Soroptimist Projects
Every two years, clubs have the opportunity to put forward a proposal for a new Federation Project. Members vote to accept a particular project at the biennial Conference of Clubs. Once accepted as a Federation Project, funds are raised by clubs throughout the Federation and the project is overseen by Soroptimist members.

Sanctuary: Shelter for Women

The projects aims to provide shelter to the most vulnerable in our community especially women and children who have been the victims of domestic violence and natural disasters and for whom are often the last to receive care and attention.
These shelers as they are built will also provide professional help in the way of counsellors, psychologists, medical personnel, caregivers, skills trainers and other necessary services as deemed based on the needs of the women at the time.
For more information contact the Project Manager