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Ulaanbaatar Charter Date: 09/09/2000
Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday 6.30pm Members: 22
Correspondence:   PO Box 1477, Central Post Office, Ulaanbaatar-13, 211213 Mongolia Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Sharing my experience from CSW59 in New YorkPrintE-mail
Written by Dorjsumiya Yondonperenlei  
Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Report by Dorjsumiya Yondonperenlei member of SI Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and SISWP CSW59 Scholarship winner.  

Before sharing my experience from CSW59 in New York, I would like to express my deep gratitude for SISWP for granting me a scholarship and giving me an opportunity to attend such a great International event. This is my first time experience of being involved in high level global event addressing womens' issues.  These days  many women  from  all corners in the world  are gathering  at  UN in New York   dicussing  and giving  their voices to  the current  implementation of  Beijing +20  review.I intend to join those sessions referring to  SI missions.

This is my second day attendance at  CSW 59. So far  I have attended several interesting and advisable sessions  such as SI advocacy workshop, Asia and Pacific Caucus,   Present but Invisible: It is Time to  hear  stories, Empowering Youth  leadership  in  the movement to end Violence against  Women and Ensuring Climate Justice Towards a Just and Healthy Planet. I would say that SI advocacy  workshop was very  practical  to  me and I learnt what  the advocacy means and  how we can effectively put it into  practice through primary  audience and secondary  audiences- NGO.As for   Asia and Pacific Caucus,  it was good to  know what  major and very  common issues of women currently  occur in the region and in what ways  NGO s and Womens' organisations could tackle them. Importantly, I understood how the United Nations System works and the links of committees. The third session I attended was really  touching and admiring because how ladies in Nigeria  and India overcame the challenges of domestic violence, restricted right to  possess property after spouse -husband's death with the help  of SI project work and impressively these ladies become soroptimists and they  are currently  contributing to their communentity. Although they faced hard life, they could struggle for it and eventually made changes in their lives.This  inspired me a lot.The next session was also  very  interesting because young ladies shared their views and experience of increasing youth in particular young boys' awareness of violence against women  and suggested several interesting ways to   make it  in action.They  suggested to  host art events such as dance and music attracting  youth, use social  media and call for  local school campaigns for spreading the talk  about  domestic violence and violence against  women among them.

To sum up I got something new from all  sessions and  I am  very  happy  to  share with others and put some of them into  practice in own  context. Report to SISWP by Dorjsumiya Yondonperenlei on her experience to CSW59


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