Since 1921 women, who are Soroptimists have voluntered in their communities, bringing about social change and improving the lives of women and girls, This work has involved advocating at local, national and international arenas, never giving up the challenge, raising their voices and working as one voice for women and girls everywhere. These women have many stories to tell, the challenges, the wins, the fun, the never ending moving of the goal posts to achieve their goal of gender equality and basic human rights for all. The Soroptimist Reflections series will provide a platform for soroptimists voices, over this series you will hear many stories, learn about our bright past, as we move to a brilliant future where our voices and stories will continue to shine bright as we accomplish what we set out to do 100 years ago.

Leigh has been a Soroptimist since 1980, when she was a charter member of the South Pine Club (Queensland) ,  Currently  Leigh is a member of SI Brisbane. Leigh has held many positions at Club, Region, Federation and International level.  Leigh is a passionate Soroptimists, with a strong focus on membership.   Leigh reflects on her time as SISWP President 2008-2010 – “MDG’s +10” 

Leigh's profession is as a Gemmologist, Leigh donated an Australian sapphire and diamond for the South Pine Chain of Office.

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Reflection of Joyce Richardson as told by Barbara Francis, Joyce is a member of Southern Districts of Adelaide Club, and a Honorary Life Member of the Region of South Australia.   Joyce has been a member of Soroptimist since 1960.   

On 17th November, 2020, Joyce Richardson turned 100.

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Jane has been a Soroptimist since 1982, when she was one of the charter members of new club SI George Town, Tasmania.   Jane has held many leadership roles at both club and region level, her leadership journey led her to be SISWP Federation President from 1996-1998 and then go on to be Soroptimist International President 1999-2001.   In her professional life she was a Doctor General Practice, graduating from the University of Toronto Canada in 1969. 

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Our first Reflections story come from Margaret Lobo.   Margaret joied Soroptimist International of Perth in 1975,  whilst we were still part of the Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.  Margaret saw much change as we formed our own Federation and began to govern ourselves. Margaret has held many leadership roles in her club and region, taking on executive leadership roles, whcih included Club reporter for Programme; Health reporter for Region and Programme Liaison; Federation Coordinator for Human Rights and Status of Women,  Programme Liaison for Federation and at the International elvel was Co-ordinator for the Human Rights and Status of Women programme area.  Having had the experience at Federation and Soroptimist International level, Margaret stood for and was elected Federation President of the South West Pacific for the biennium 1998 - 2000, and then became the International President for the biennium 2008 - 2010.

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Evonne has been a member of Southern Districts of Adelaide club since 1969.  Evonne is a Honorary Life Member of the Region of South Australia.

Evonne's professional life was as a Nurse and Nurse Technician.  

Evonne has held many positions at club and region levels, including ICT Liaison and training. 

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Yvonne Simpson has been a member of Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific since 1996, she has held the following positions:

President of Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific 2010-2012

President of Soroptimist International 2015-2017

and many positions at club and region level as well as National Representative for New Zealand 2006-2008.  

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