SI Lautoka and SI ACT & Monaro work in friendship link for literacy program. Read more about the recent partnership between Clubs SI Lautoka and SI ACT & Monaro for an important literacy program in Fiji.

Ahmadiyya PrimaryDespite the progress that has been made worldwide literacy challenges still persist in the uneven distribution of quality education and learning opportunities throughout people's lives which is also a target of United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 4.

International Literacy Day which is celebrated on September 8 annually gives an opportunity for Governments, civil society and stakeholders an opportunity to promote literacy and this year again Soroptimist International (SI) Lautoka Club started their literacy program at two of the primary schools in Lautoka. In collaboration with the sister club in Australia, SI ACT & Monaro, SI Lautoka presented storybooks to Lautoka Ahmadiyya Primary and Amichandra Memorial during the month of September to promote reading.

During the presentation at both the schools, the Lautoka club members encouraged the students to read and submit summaries which will be judged and rewarded during their annual prize-giving day.

The club has ensured that the books will cater for students from year one to eight so it gives all the students an equal opportunity to read and submit their summaries by October 30 and the first set of books was presented on September 23rd to the student of Ahmadiyya Primary while the second set was presented to students of Amichandra Primary on September 30.

This project will benefit more than 600 students at both the schools and this is a sustainable project since the books will remain at the respective school libraries to benefit current and future students at the schools.
SI ACT & Monaro has provided the funding for the storybooks as well as the prizes which will be awarded to the students and SI Lautoka is working closely with the allocated teachers at the schools to ensure that the summaries are received in a timely manner.

Zareena Bi
SI Lautoka.