Read an update from SI Townsville Breakwater President and SISWP Centennial Celebration Committee Member, Janet Askern, on planning for Soroptimist International 100th Anniversary in 2021!

By participating in the Centennial Celebration Committee for SWP, it is interesting to hear of ideas submitted on how we can celebrate the 100 years of Soroptimist International. Please be creative with those ideas and please share them with the Committee so that we can ensure all members have wonderful opportunities to participate in the celebrations throughout the whole of 2021. Any idea is worth exploring and how exciting it will be to maybe implement those ideas in such diverse localities and communities of our federation?

C100 Tree Planting:

My club (SI Townsville Breakwater) is planning for the centennial year, so we have decided to hold an event at Soroptimist Park. We approached the Townsville City Council (TCC) Senior Arborist who very enthusiastically agreed to promote a project in partnership with the TCC to plant 100 trees along the foreshore surrounding Soroptimist Park. Of course, consideration will be given to the selection of native plants that will be hardy to the shoreline environment as well as assist in the prevention of beach erosion. Some of the ideas generated from this discussion were:

• Hold a tree planting event. Arbor Day or Earth Day
• Public purchase a tree for nominal amount and plant the tree
• Provide management plan for the nurturing and care of the trees
• Hold an eco-tour of the park and shoreline

We are in the very early stages in planning the project but members are contributing ideas and look forward to our contribution to the100 year Celebration.


Download the Tree Planting Toolkit and Logos Here

Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, 2021

C100 Acts of Kindness:

The club also met and brainstormed how we can implement 100 Acts of Kindness through our Program of Service. Initially, the SWP Goals and Objectives and SDG’s were highlighted and as we recorded our ideas, we need to attach each to an SDG. Firstly, we looked at what are we currently doing now? Amazing work. Then we looked at new ideas. Question? Are we looking to do 100 individual items for an idea (knit 100 beanies) or are we looking to do 100 new ideas throughout the year? Let’s do both! Let’s also have local radio stations become involved and let’s share our 100 Acts of Kindness and invite the public to share their Acts of Kindness with the greater community. Why not give $100 voucher to someone who Shared their Act of Kindness?

C100 Linking Hands:

Our club recently had a successful ZOOM meeting with our Friendship Link SI Eastbourne, UK.
Idea: Why not have each club have 100 ZOOM meetings with clubs around the world? Will take a little bit of organising but……………. let’s try?
Soroptimists Reflections: Contact Jane Zimmerman; to arrange for sending in your stories.


The team is looking for a suitably qualified volunteer/s to assist with the Centennial website pages. Our History, Our Future, Soroptimist Reflections, Events.

Please contact Christine via email,


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Janet Askern, President, SI Townsville Breakwater