SWP clubs are encouraged to re-visit their current friendship links or form new links across their own Federation as well as the other four Federations to enhance global networking.

Friendship links offer exciting prospects to clubs to become a part of innovative projects and we have witnessed some wonderful collaborations in previous years. The intent now is to encourage more such teamwork.

I am now in the process of updating the Friendship Link Database as per the requests that have been received from various clubs but I wish to encourage more clubs to form these links. If any clubs are in the need of friendship links and they are trying to establish a link then feel free to contact me for assistance swpfriendship2020@siswp.org.

Meanwhile, those clubs who have friendship links can communicate through virtual means to strengthen their sisterhood, learn about each other's club activities and projects and identify projects which can be accomplished through their partnership.

The challenge is to be innovative despite the pandemic and the current situation can give rise to some unique projects.

Clubs can access the friendship link page through the member area on the website and follow the instructions to:

• Report on any wrong information contained below.
• Add a missing established friendship link
• Request for a new friendship link.

Friendship Links 1

Link to this page is: https://www.siswp.org/members-area/friendship-links.html

Clubs can also visit the website and under the 'what we do' tab seek SISWP partnerships for their projects.

Club partnerships1

Link to this page is: https://www.siswp.org/what-we-do/siswp-club-partnerships.html

Remember; our projects give us our recognition, therefore, continue working on your wonderful projects and do not forget to report your projects (PFR's) on the Programme Reporting Database https://www.reports-siswp.org/

Zareena Bi
SWP Friendship Link Coordinator

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