On her recent official SISWP working trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Federation President Anusha Santhirasthipam was fortunate to meet with Her Royal Highness Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi of Yogyakarta.

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UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 3e53I was recently blessed to meet and get to know a wonderful leader who resonates completely with Soroptimist ideals, values, mission and goals. She has great compassion, courage and determination and is none other than Her Royal Highness Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi of Yogyakarta. Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi has broken thousands of years of male dominated tradition to become the first female royal to be decreed to succeed the throne. Her father, His Majesty Sultan Hamenkubuwono X is a bold visionary, great philanthropist and champion of women empowerment. Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi and her four sisters were raised and educated to reach their highest potential and to serve the people without fear or favor.

Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi has graciously offered to give SISWP her full support and assistance for the hosting of COC2020 in Yogyakarta, including participation at the Opening Ceremony and Royal Gala Dinner that is planned to be held at Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, a heritage hotel situated on the grounds of the original old palace of the Royal family for generations.

What is most exciting is that Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi has agreed to be Patron of the first Soroptimist club in Yogyakarta. As Patron and leader of several prominent grassroots womens’ organisations, the Scouts movement and Red Cross, Crown Princess GKR Mangkubumi epitomizes a leader by example. She is currently working on developing Yogyakarta as the first cyber province in Indonesia.