SI Australia Conference Guest Speakers

Dr Niki Vincent - Commissioner for Equal Opportunity SA
Regina Richardson - DV, Homelessness
Machellee Kosiak- Indigenous Midwives Scholarships (Rhodanthe Lipsett Trust Fund)
Alison Rahill - Backpackers and migrant workers: anti-slavery
Dr Pat Hamilton - Teacher, Student, Advocate for Rural Women
Maggie Beer - Local and International business women
Megan McLoughlin - 2019 SA Local hero, double transplant recipient - organ donation

Alison Rahill 2     

Alison Rahill

Alison is the Executive Officer of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Anti-Slavery Taskforce. Her work is to bring to fruition the Archdiocese’s vision to slavery-proof its supply chains through the development of ethical purchasing and investment policies. Before working at the Sydney Archdiocese, Alison was National Network Coordinator for the Salvation Army’s Freedom Partnership to End Modern Slavery, and played an active role in successful advocacy for Australia’s landmark Modern Slavery legislation.

Alison is a specialist in identifying and assisting victims of civil offences such as wage theft and the criminal offences of modern slavery including forced labour, debt bondage, deceptive recruitment, domestic servitude and human trafficking.

Earlier in her career, Alison worked as a researcher, producer and journalist before then as a community organiser with trade union peak bodies. Alison is a longstanding member of the Executive Committee of the Evatt Foundation, an organisation dedicated to upholding the highest ideals of the labour movement.

Regina Richardson 2  

Regina Richardson

Regina's adult learning began after she had children and realised that her unique life experiences could be a positive influence to others. She has, completed Certificates in Community Services, a diploma in Counselling and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Social Work (Honors) and specific training in complex trauma.

She is active in community work as reflected in her membership of among others, Yamaji Girl, the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation. She seeks to work in a specialised area and trauma informed care which will incorporate both Western social theories and cultural healing.

Dr Patricia Hamilton 3  

Dr Patricia Hamilton

A retired Secondary School Principal and sheep farmer, followed by a return to university to complete a joint honors degree in Anthropology and English, then a PhD in Rural Sociology, shaped her involvement with state and national rural women's organisations.

Pat wants strong women's voices to respond to the challenges currently facing rural, remote and regional communities. She has concerns about access to education, health, infrastructure and communications, food security, foreign investment and family violence.

Pat believes we can achieve what we want and, what we need, if we have the desire, the vision and commitment. By sharing resources and offering RRR women a supportive networking environment and elevating their voice and stories onto the national and international stages, we've got a true gender equality community.

Megan McLoughlin  

Megan McLoughlin

Megan is the founder of Herd of Hope, which promotes organ donation to the community. After facing serious medical complications, she has dedicated her life to supporting donor families and guiding organ recipients through the recovery process – Megan continues to inspire the community with a positive message of hope.

The charity sought partnership with the University of South Australia to capture the need for mental health services for those regionally based affected by the cause.

Serious medical complications left Megan legally blind. Shortly after, she found herself with acute renal failure, she was given only weeks to live – until a transplant saved her life. Megan is one of 64 women in the world to deliver two children post double transplant. This year, she has faced two cancer diagnoses, yet continues to focus her energy on improving the lives of others.

In 2018, Megan overcame numerous setbacks & held a cattle drive on Bondi Beach to launch the Herd of Hope. Recently an event held in SA raised funds to alleviate the stress regionally based families face when seeking accommodation in Adelaide.

Machellee Kosiak  

Machellee Kosiak

Machellee is a Wiradjuri woman. Her family ties are in country NSW although she has lived and worked in Queensland for many years.

Machellee is a registered nurse and midwife. She was the first in her family to complete secondary school.
She is a lecturer in Midwifery and Course advisor, Away from Base, Bachelor of Midwifery. School of Nursing. Midwifery and Paramedicine (Brisbane Campus) Faculty of Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University, Board member of the Rodanthe Lipsett Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Trust Fund and Member of SI Moreton North Inc.