Success Inspires Excellence - The Great Ripple Effect of Best Practice Awards. Article by SISWP President 2018-2020, Anusha Santhirasthipam

Best Practice Malaysia smlMalaysian Soroptimists celebrated the recent winning of Best Practice awards and Overall Excellence Awards by several Malaysian clubs. In conjunction with SI Region of Malaysia Council meeting, a celebratory dinner was held for award recipients to share their secrets of success, how members grow more motivated by the sheer impact and sustainability of their programmes, that experts and professional project partners are most often inspired to become club members when projects are ongoing and successful.

What became absolutely clear to me from the dinner conversation circles, is that great projects are created and sustained when leaders remain focused and firmly believe in the project, when members feel encouraged and appreciated, when volunteers team up because of their confidence and trust in the club to deliver consistent results on a project.

Whether it is SI Petaling Jaya's SPOT Project that won Overall Excellence Award or Soroptimist: Be the Changemaker, a United Project by SI Damansara, SI Singapore, SI Phnom Penh and SI Melba or Economic Empowerment winner Life Skills4 Youth by SI Damansara or SIROM Walk the Talk that won the Malaysian Book of Records, what matters most is that the Soroptimist spirit is a shining beacon of hope and we are great enablers around the world.

Our PFR reports and project impact analysis data provides vital evidence and drives our advocacy reform agenda. These data are of great interest to UN ECOSOC, our local government agencies and potential corporate sponsors who champion one or more of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). I encourage all clubs to share your project reports. May we always have cause for celebration throughout SISWP. Let us spread the Joy of Achievement far and wide.

Anusha Santhirasthipam
Federation President