SI Jakarta, SI Kemang and Region of SI Indonesia have sprung into quick action to provide emergency relief and assistance to victims of the recent Suewase earthquake and Tsunami which occurred in Indonesia on 28th September 2018.

SI Jakarta Lombok 2

Soroptimist International club SI Jakarta have announced the emergency disaster funds supplied by Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific, enabled Club members to travel to Lombok, which had been badly effected by earthquakes and ongoing tremors.

SI Jakarta has provided durable tents for shelter, food and children’s supplies to assist some of the victims.

Their team is also making an assessment of what will be required for further assistance.





Palu Indonesia SI Indonesia assistance


Emergency disaster relief is also being provided by Soroptimist International Indonesia Region and SI Kemang Club.

This includes an emergency health and relief centre set up in Palu, Sulawesi.

SI Kemang members are also undertaking assessment of what other emergency assistance will need to be provided, a full report will be provided to SISWP, our thoughts and prayers are with this amazing group of support personnel.


SISWP are currently involved in discussions on how SISWP Clubs and members can offer support and more information will be on its way. Please check back here and on the SISWP Facebook page.

For immediate offers of Club Partnership assistance, SI Jakarta have put a call out on the SISWP Website for SISWP Clubs to assist.
Please contact SI Jakarta to discuss.

SISWP are also in urgent high level discussions with Soroptimist International for on ongoing planning and support.