Congratulations to the latest winners of Brilliant Futures Fund grants, SI Port Moresby for their 4E's Scholarship Program (Educate, Empower, Equality & Equity) and SI Petaling Jaya for their SPOT Online Talks and Workshops Project

SI Port Moresby

4E's Scholarship Program (Educate, Empower, Equality & Equity)

Awarded AUD 5,000

November 2021

This program aims to provide access to education and training for grassroots women and girls in local communities, to improve their literacy and vocational skills to enable them to become financially independent.  This will in turn allow them to improve their livelihood, giving them the confidence to make informed life choices.

In Papua New Guinea, 2 out of 3 women and girls experience domestic and sexual abuse every day. The 4E’s program aims to enable the women and girls who are affected by domestic and sexual violence to break the cycle and create lives for themselves and their families.

This project will provide vocational training such as sewing, cooking and basic literacy to the grassroots women and girls who have had nil to minimal education.

With the COVID19 pandemic and many people losing their jobs and being displaced, women have resorted to starting a small business with their savings to keep them and their families going. With the support of a local women’s bank, training will be given to women and girls in financial and basic budgeting training to help them better invest their funds.

The training programs will help them to create financial independence by arming them with knowledge and skills that will enable them to create informal employment or small business ventures for themselves ie by cooking and selling the products to earn money to sustain themselves and their families on a day to day basis. These programs will give confidence to these women to better prepare themselves for opportunities in the formal job market.

The project aims to help over 100 women and 200-300 children.


SI Petaling Jaya

SPOT Online Talks and Workshops Project

Awarded AUD 4,000

November 2021

SPOT is an ongoing puberty education project that seeks to educate and empower young girls aged between 9 to 16 years old in Malaysia. It is powered by youth volunteers and has successfully collaborated with 4 Soroptimist Clubs in Malaysia. The project has changed the lives of more than 10,000 girls already and has moved to the digital space in light of the pandemic. Now, SPOT wants to go bigger, better and more accessible to all.

This project addresses SISWP’s mission of empowering women while they’re still young girls by providing puberty and sexual health education to ensure they’re empowered and able to keep their body autonomy. By increasing education opportunities, SPOT seeks to reduce teenage pregnancies and provide resources to girls in unsafe environments.  SPOT employs volunteers from corporate and civil spaces, which helps to increase awareness of sexual education in adult spaces and allows women to give back to young girls in safe spaces.

During 2021 and 2022, SPOT aims to deliver online talks and workshops to young girls and boys, psychosocial support to all beneficiaries (for pandemic related mental and emotional health issues), a reproductive and sexual health Q&A platform, provide supporting materials such as the SPOT Puberty Activity Book, as well as improve the education of girls, teachers, parents and volunteers.

The project aims to help over 100 women and 10,000 children.


SI Bangsar

Teenagers Survival Kit

Awarded AUD 10,000

June 2021

This program aligns with the SISWP vision and mission by taking up the challenge to educate and help teenage girls cope with the challenges they face in their growing up years.

The program will cover six main topics of concern for today’s teenagers. Besides providing knowledge, teenagers will be guided to resources where they can seek help. They can ask questions, discuss problems in a safe space with experts (including SICB members) in the relevant fields. They hope that the interaction will enhance their knowledge, enable them to share their concerns, learn from others, experience peer/adult support, improve their self-esteem and give them confidence to deal with these daily issues. The girls will have a chance to stay in school, feel safe, continue with the education they deserve and grow up assured and armed with the tools to contribute to a happy and healthy community.

Teenagers today are faced with many challenges…stress, depression, bullying, sexual activity, peer pressure and many more. Teenage girls are more vulnerable as they risk facing pregnancies and sexual harassment. Many of the issues are considered taboo in society. The culture and education systems do not encourage open discussions on these topics, hence teenagers have no one to turn to when they are in trouble.

An Awareness Program will cover these topics:

1. Teenage Pregnancies and Baby Dumping

2. Underage Sex & Child Marriage

3. Depression & Mental Health

4. Cyber Safety

5. Bullying

6. Sexual Grooming & Sexual Harassment

The program will provide comprehensive information and knowledge on how to deal with these issues. They will be guided to resources where they can seek help when they need it. Teenagers will also be given a safe space to ask questions and discuss these subjects with adults who are experts in these fields. With the education, teenagers will be empowered to make healthier and safer life choices to contribute to a happy and healthy community.

The project aims to help over 500 women, 1000 girls and 600 boys.

Project Update:

Covid has prevented the project from having face to face workshops but there have been several webinars held, one of the webinars on Teenage Pregnancy and Baby Dumping had 90 attendees 80% women and 20% men.  Work commencing for this period will be Train the Trainers and production of video and hopefully the implementation of face to face events.

The implementation of this ground breaking project would not have been possible without the funding from the Brilliant Futures Fund.




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