SI Bangsar Flood Relief

Tropical Depression made landfall on 16 Dec 2021, bringing torrential rains throughout Peninsula Malaysia over 3 days. Floods affected 8 states and over 125,000 people were affected with 54 dead and 2 missing. At its height more than 71,000 victims were displaced. The most badly affected were Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and Perak. Aid poured in from the public and the NGOs.

SI Bangsar decided to raise funds to extend help to those affected.  They raised funds from members, friends, relatives and the public via social media.  They received AUD3,000 SISWP’s Disaster Relief Fund which converted to RM8,801.05.  SI Bangsar's Friendship Link Club, SI Helena donated AUD250 amounting to RM688,25.RM.  They raised a total of RM31,744.30 and added RM2796.60 left over from our Bank Runcit, RM2,668.90 from the service fund and RM1,183,70 from our JB Orang Asli fund making a total of RM38,392.50. 

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