The Soroptimist Programme of Service covers a broad spectrum of issues and concerns within the 8 Objectives.  Members focus their efforts on these and develop projects that meet the specific needs of their communities. A structured reporting system ensures that the collective efforts can be used to advocate for social change at local, national and international levels. Position Statements on issues of global concern are published collectively in "Where We Stand".

Some of Our Projects

Through project work, Soroptimists work at their local and national level on projects which meet the 8 objectives of;

  • Education,
  • Elimination of violence,
  • Economic empowerment,
  • Food security, healthcare,
  • Environmental sustainability, water and sanitation,
  • Conflict resolution/peace promotion,
  • Disaster relief, mitigation and resilience.

The work achieved through these projects provides opportunities to Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls to plan for their future and, allows for their econonic growth and opens doors to their dreams.

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