Indonesia suffered a multitude of earthquakes in 2018.Which affected Lombok, Bali and Sulawesi. SISWP Federation President Anusha Santhirasthipam launched a President’s Special Appeal called “SOROPTIMIST MAKMUR INDONESIA” Tsunami & Earthquakes Appeal on 17th October 2018.

MAKMUR means PROSPEROUS or flourishing, to be wholesome and peaceful. It is the opposite of POVERTY. SISWP launched this special appeal on October 17 2018 in conjunction with International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

When natural disasters strike it is the women and children who are the most vulnerable and in the greatest danger. They were displaced, homeless, without food,  medical supplies, water and sanitation, they were under threat of sexual violence, rape, murder, crime, slavery and trafficking.

SISWP worked in partnership with SI Kemang and SI Jakarta in Indonesia to provide disaster relief funds to the following programmes to support disaster-affected families in Sulawesi and Lombok. These funds helped the families:

• heal and recover with emergency healthcare and safety supplies.
• improved their access to water and sanitation facilities.
• built temporary and transitional shelter and schools.
• rebuilt their livelihoods through early recovery interventions.


Current Situation

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, on Friday, September 28 2018. The quake, and the resulting 10-foot tsunami waves, levelled buildings and brought destruction to the city of Palu (pop. 335,000) and surrounding areas. As of October 15 2018, the death toll had exceeded 2,200 people, with up to 5,000 more missing and feared dead due to landslides and liquefaction. Thousands had been seriously injured. Around 80,000 people had been displaced, staying in over 200 sites. About 68,000 houses were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami, leaving some 330,000 people without adequate shelter.

Access to Palu was difficult as the airport is small and was damaged in the earthquake and therefore could handle only a limited number of aircraft; road access had also been affected by the earthquake. Priority needs were identified as: temporary shelter items (tents, tarpaulins, blankets, plastic floor sheets and mattresses), emergency medical supplies and other non-food items, transitional shelter, water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion and early recovery. Many areas had yet to receive any assistance. It was the monsoon rainy season and diseases like malaria, flu outbreaks and pneumonia are life threatening.

Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific & SI Indonesia: Immediate Emergency Response (Phase 1)

Palu Indonesia SI Indonesia assistanceSI IndonesiaSI Club Kemang and local partner medical team acted immediately as news of the disaster broke across Asia, since the first hours of the crisis to determine how best to respond.

SISWP had provided emergency disaster funds to supply health/medical kits and sanitary/toiletries supplies for 500 families. SI Indonesia team carried out assessment of recovery and rehabilitation needs of IDPs (Internal Displaced People survivors) and had requested support from SISWP and SI clubs and members worldwide.
 20 health facilities had been damaged and only two (2) health facilities operated in an emergency mode.

SI Jakarta carried out work in earthquakes affected Lombok to support disaster-affected families with shelter and essential emergency supplies. Rehabilitation programmes had been identified and were ready to commence once funds are secured.

Soroptimist Makmur Indonesia Tsunami & Earthquake Appeal – Rehabilitation (Phase 2)

SISWP prioritised the healthcare, hygiene and safety, shelter, education, empowerment and enabling of women and families. Basic amenities such medical aid kits and sanitary supplies, tents, floor coverings, mosquito nets and drinking water were supplied first.

01110 Water Appeal Logo Middle Width webSISWP Federation teamed up with Soroptimist International under SI President’s Appeal 2017-2019 Women, Water & Leadership Project which enabled SI Indonesia to establish Water & Sanitation projects in Sulawesi & Lombok for the supply and installation of water and sanitation facilities, building of toilets and enclosed shower facilities for women and girls, rainwater harvesting equipment, training of women to maintain and manage all such necessary amenities and facilities.

SISWP funded the building of temporary schools and provision of education materials, trauma counselling and post-disaster mental and emotional rehabilitation of survivors, provided assistance programmes for crop cultivation and animal rearing to overcome malnutrition, ensure food security and economic empowerment of rural families and prioritised for women-led households.

These programmes commenced on November 2018 with emergency phase activities. Once liquefaction and bacteria from decomposing bodies had subsided, SI clubs in Indonesia undertook rehabilitation phase activities.

As soon as the Government of Indonesia determined the new sites for relocation of all displaced survivor families, building of toilets and shower facilities, installation of water and sanitation equipment, building of schools and carrying out of education and empowerment programmes for women and children happened.

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