Read a recent report from Isla Winarto, Project Director on the progress on the Indonesia Earthquake Recovery through Water, Shelter and Capacity Building Project in Rembitan, Lombok.

Rembitan LombokThe Rembitan project, focusing on the Rebuk Satu village, is scheduled to commence soon with the assistance of funding from SI President's Appeal - Women, Water & Leadership. To date, the Project Director, Isla Winarto, has been liaising with the building contractor for the proposed Well and WASH facilities construction specifically with relation to contractual matters, including payment instalment schedules, and recommendations for WASH facilities’ designs and location of new Well. 

SI Jakarta team have also been able to carry out some early exploratory and preparatory work in the target village, through the assistance of the villagers, some volunteers and Titian Foundation partners. Several community meetings have been conducted and signed agreement has been obtained from all families for the SI Jakarta project to go ahead.

Much time has already been spent clearing the area of any debris and growth. The villagers have also demolished a cattle enclosure, to make way for the new Well, WASH facilities and a Community Learning Centre (to be donated by partners, Titian Foundation). Much of this on sight work has been undertaken by the women of the Rebuk Satu village in Rembitan.

The recommended contractor has now also agreed to conduct all the geo electric tests at the sight. This has enabled the Project team to ascertain that there are three possible points for drilling the proposed Well. The recommended depth of the Well, for the most adequate source of water levels for the Rebuk Satu village has also now been determined through the above-mentioned tests. SI Jakarta, through its Project Manager, Lily Kasoem, has also already set up the Community Committee who will be in charge of the running and maintenance of this water system once it is in full use. A local Lombok woman has also been appointed by the SI Jakarta Project team as the Capacity Building Coordinator. As such, she has commenced working with the Rebuk Satu women regarding the importance of water management and conservation.

SI Jakarta will continue to finalise much of the ground work for this Project whilst awaiting on the final stages of the agreement and funding. The contractor is preparing the necessary equipment and materials required to commence drilling for the new Well and constructing the WASH facilities.

To date, Project Manager, Lily Kasoem, has been supervising much of the field work, reporting regularly to the Project Director, Isla Winarto.
Watch this space for the next progress report for this project.

Isla Winarto
Project Director
Rembitan Project, Lombok

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