We are pleased to share the latest and final report from SI Jakarta on the cumulative progress and achievements of their project on the ground in Lombok.

This project was carried out under a Tripartite Agreement between SI, SISWP and SI Jakarta whereby SI President's Appeal 2017-2019 - Women, Water and Leadership provided funds for the water and sanitation components including women empowerment training, while SISWP took over funding in 2020 to cover the capacity building programmes out of funds from the SWP Special President's Appeal.

In summary, the weaving programmes have been a brilliant success with international sales to the women weavers who are sole breadwinners of their household. Youth and community awareness programmes, health, hygiene and sanitation became major focus areas during the pandemic as well as sewing classes where sling bags, cosmetic pouches and carry bags were made for sale.  An education and awareness programme to Prevent Child Brides and Violence Against Women was prioritised as abduction of girls as brides in the villages of Lombok was a serious threat.  SI Jakarta is pleased that many of these capacity building programs are ongoing and involve many of the adults and youths. 

This phase of the SI Jakarta project is expected to end on 31 December 2021. Discussions are currently taking place to decide whether SI Jakarta can replicate some aspects of this project in the neighbouring village where water is scarce and training opportunities for women and girls are basically non-existent. The goal in extending this project would be to provide a well to supply clean, running water to the villagers. This would greatly assist the women and girls in the village who have no option but to walk 4-5km every day to fetch water for their families, and also to provide, if funding permists, weaving and sewing training to enable the women to supplement their family’s income. 

SI Makmur

You can read the full report HERE.