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Soroptimist Projects 3

Soroptimist members from the South West Pacific volunteer to improve the lives of women and girls through projects identified at the local level (their clubs), these projects work to Educate, Empower and Enable the recipients (women and girls), they lead to social and economic empowerment.

Federation Project 2016-2020 "Sanctuary: Shelter for Women" 11

sanctuary shelter for women logoSanctuary: Shelter for Women, is the current Federation Project, this project is located in Fiji and will provide shelter for women and children in times of disaster and domestic violence.  


President Appeal 6

December 10 (Human Rights Day), marks the start of the International President's Appeal, which apart from the attendance at the Commission on the Status of Women, is the only occasion on which the 4 Federations are united in action.  Soroptimists are asked to make some small personal sacrifice and donate the money saved to a project chosen by the President of Soroptimist International. Clubs are also encouraged to conduct special fund raising for the Appeal.

Since its inception in 1981 by the then President, Catherine Salt, President's Appeals have:

  • addressed a variety of social and health issues including trafficking of women and children, land mines, HIV AIDS and malaria.
  • helped women towards economic independence in Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Tokelau, Lesotho and Mauretania;
  • supported refugees and the homeless in the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic and Malaysia;
  • educated girls in India, China and Africa;
  • supported decreasing maternal and infant mortality in PNG, through medial education projects
  • supported four projects in Nepal, with a focus on improving the lives of women and girls through Education, Empowerment and Enabling Opportunities.



SWP Special President's Appeal 2018 - Makmur Indonesia Earthquakes Appeal 12


Projects of Excellence 0

Soroptimist of the South West Pacific Best Practice Awards are a celebration of the work of clubs throughout the Federation.  It achnowledges expertise in the planning and process of creating an effective project in Programme.

It serves also as an inspiration to ther clubs of what can be achieved with careful planning and can stimulate a willingness to undertake something different and challenging in their own clubs.

BPA 400pxl

2021 Best Practice Awards 1

Best Practice awards to Clubs for their projects for 2021.

2020 Best Practice Awards 1

Best Practice awards to Clubs for their projects for 2020.

2019 Best Practice Awards 5

Best Practice awards to Clubs for their projects for 2019.

2018 Best Practice Awards 7

Best Practice Awards for 2018, included in these awards are two special biennium awards, announced by President Theresa Lyford at the beginning of her biennium, these awards were created to as part of Theresa's vision for clubs to partnership with other clubs on projects.

These two special awards are Soroptimists: Be the Changemakers and The Overall Excellence Award.

2017 Best Practice Awards 6

Best Practice awards to club and regions for their projects for 2017

2016 Best Practice Award 7

Each year, Soroptimist clubs, regions and nations are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award.  The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation,  This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.


Member Information 6

contains articles for members information only

Events(Portal) 6

Soroptimist International global wide event listings. 

Club Charters across the 5 Federations, along with International and Federation Conference events.

Club Charters are the lifeblood of a organisation, the chartering of a new club is always a prestige event, as we welcome the club and its members to the ideals of Soroptimist International, and embrace the new project work these members will be able to deliver to their communities. 

Continue to the links to view if a new club is being chartered in your vicinity.  

Conventions and Conferences

The bringing together of members to celebrate the joys of friendship the achievement of service, and the learnings of projects is a vital communication part of being a Soroptimist.   Continue to come back to see when the next Conference in the 5 Federations is being held and the Soroptimist International Convention. 



Contact Us 1

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Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific (ACN: 147 990 627) maintains a Federation head office in Sydney.


HQ Officer Gabbi, is available to assist Soroptimists and members of the public on Soroptimist business.

Office Hours:

Monday         8:30am until 3:00pm
Tuesday:       8.30am until 5.00pm
Wednesday:  8:30am until 5:00pm
Thursday:      8.30am until 3.00pm
Friday:           8:30am until 3:00pm
Saturday:       Closed
Sunday:         Closed

Please leave message if unattended.

Office Address:

G1/11A Lachlan St

(entrance via Sam Sing Street)


Mailing Address:

PO Box 746



Contact Details:

Phone: +61 2 8096 6072

Fax: +61 2 9690 2261

e-mail: hq@siswp.org

President, Soroptimist International South West Pacific:

Theresa Lyford: swppresident@siswp.org

Soroptimist International Contacts:

Soroptimist International Headquarters

Soroptimist International
Great Britain & Ireland

87 Glisson Road
United Kingdom
E: hq@soroptimistinternational.org

W: www.soroptimistinternational.org

127 Wellington Road South
Stockport, Cheshire

E: hq@sigbi.org

W: www.sigbi.org

Soroptimist International Americas

Soroptimist International Europe

1709 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

E: siahq@soroptimist.org

W: www.soroptimist.org

Route de Florissant 72
CH-1206 Geneva

E: siehq@soroptimisteurope.org

W: www.soroptimisteurope.org

South West Pacific Magazine:

Submit articles to the Editor Triena Ong: swpeditor@siswp.org

Help Desk (Members Only):

For members who have any issues related to the website and have read all their web documentation from club secretaries first: swphelpdesk@siswp.org

Membership Enquries:

Membership of a Soroptimist club is very rewarding. To make enquiries of a club near you please complete the Membership Enquiries

Blogs 51

Read stories from Soroptimists and friends across a wide variety of topics.

We hope you find this insightful and entertaining.

Commission on the Status of Women 8

Blogs, reports and stories regarding Soroptimists activities about CSW

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Global Advocacy Projects

Global Advocacy 1



High Level Political Forum Reports 3

The High level political forum on sustainable development will be held in New York each year in July.  The HLPF is the central United Nations platform for the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the global level. It is the apex of the architecture for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda established by the 2030 Agenda and General Assembly resolution 70/299.
Member countries and major groups and other stakeholders  are invited to prepare voluntary national reviews on their efforts to achieve the 2030 agenda.   Soroptimist International submit HLPF reports these reports highlight the thousands of projects undertaken by Soroptimists world wide which seek to improve the lives and status of all women and girls and address the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination they face. 

SI Centennial 1921 - 2021 0

Soroptimist International is celebrating 100 years,  a milestone birthday such as 100 years deserves widespread recognition as Soroptimists from the South West Pacific join Soroptimists World Wide to celebrate our historic past, present and future.  Join us as we celebrate our "Bright Past and Brilliant Future", the recurring theme for 2021. 

soroptimist logo 1 light resized for webFor 100 years Soroptimists have delivered and continue to deliver grass roots projects which have had a positive impact. These projects have advocated for change, met changing needs, delivered in times of pandemics, war, conflict, and disasters, meeting diverse community needs, Soroptimists have remained forever resourceful for 100 years, our projects change the lives of women and girls. 

Follow us over the next 12 months as we relive our Bright Past, and contemplate the Brilliant Future of Soroptimist International and the South West Pacific Federation.   Our C100 Campaigns are designed so that all clubs across the Federation can be involved, we encourage club Friendship links to join together for the C100 Acts of Kindness, our C100 Plant 100 trees will have a strong climate change statement as we all embrace the work our foresisters did in saving the Redwoods.  Join us in person as we celebrate in Sydney in May 2021,  wear our beautiful SISWP Centennary brooch or bag charm with pride, our C100 Virtual Walk will unite Soroptimists across the globe as we walk to the SI Virtual Celebration in 2021, along the way we will visit past projects, stop at historic Soroptimists sites reliving our history as we travel, and registrations will raise funds for the SISWP Brighter Futures Fund, more about this fund to follow. 

It promises to be a great year, opportunities not to be missed as we celebrate as sisters, showcasing our service and project work to the world. 


Centennial Celebrations Latest News 1

Read more to find out about upcoming events, campaigns and how you too can be involved in celebrating 100 years of Soroptimist International across the Federations.

Since 1921 1

SISWP become a Federation in 1978, and our first club, Sydney was chartered in 1937, so it is only fitting that we review our early Soroptimist International history and the early history of the Federation of Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland as that is where our roots began.  Let us look back at the very beginnings, our sincere thanks go to  Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland Federation for allowing us to share the history of SI from their website.   Do view their Centennial Website 

History thru the Decades 7

Providing this brief history of the beginnings of SISWP was possible thanks to the following: The History of Soroptimist International author Janet Haywood, The Story of Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific for the Golden Jubilee 1937-1987 by Gertrude F Kentish, BA, B.Ed.  Celebrating 75 Years of Memories from Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific Edited by Kerry Garrett 

Resources 1

The Centennial Committee has put together comprehensive resources for your use during the Centennial year.

Campaigns 3

Information about the various C100 Campaigns for the Centennial Year.

Merchandise 1

Order your Centennial brooch and Bag Charm.  Wear these proudly to start conversations about our Bright Past and Brilliant Future

SWP Federation Magazines 1

Celebrate our Bright Past, read the SWP Soroptimist magazine back issues, editions from2004 to 2016, now available.

Soroptimist Reflections 19

Since 1921 women, who are Soroptimists have voluntered in their communities, bringing about social change and improving the lives of women and girls, This work has involved advocating at local, national and international arenas, never giving up the challenge, raising their voices and working as one voice for women and girls everywhere. These women have many stories to tell, the challenges, the wins, the fun, the never ending moving of the goal posts to achieve their goal of gender equality and basic human rights for all. The Soroptimist Reflections series will provide a platform for soroptimists voices, over this series you will hear many stories, learn about our bright past, as we move to a brilliant future where our voices and stories will continue to shine bright as we accomplish what we set out to do 100 years ago.