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Soroptimists Educate, Enable and Empower women by providing the opportunities for women to fulfil their dreams.   
Education prepares women and girls to plan for their future, and allows for their economic growth and opens doors to their dreams. Educate a women and you educate a whole family.

Every year Soroptimists from the South East Asia Pacific provide bursaries and scholarships for women to continue their education. Below you will find links to the many scholarships provided each year, click on the link for further information for each of the scholarships.


New South Wales 

Central Coast, NSW - SI Brisbane Water Scholarship for TAFE Secondary Students

Students must be attending TAFE in the district. Students will be invited to submit a 1 page essay to be assessed by SI & TAFE. For more information and selection criteria contact SI Brisbane Water


Randwick, NSW - SI Randwick & Eastern Suburbs Rural Midwife Scholarship

To assist a rural midwife to upgrade knowledge and skills. For more information contact SI Randwick & Eastern Suburbs.


Griffith, NSW - Tertiary Scholarship

To provide start up costs to a girl commencing TAFE or University. For more information contact SI Griffith.


SI Region South Queensland and the NCWQ Bursary,    Opens 12 April 2021 and closes 2nd June 2021.  this bursary is open to an Indigenous female student in education or health-related fields including nursing.   The bursary is worth $1000.00 .

Beenleigh, QLD - Stella Rickhoff Award for Emerging Leaders

Award to women in the Beenleigh District who have contributed to their community through volunteering to advance women and girls.

Must be a female and working or contributing to advance the status of women in their work or volunteering role. Award Certificate and $500.00 towards the Charity of their choice.For more information contact SI Beenleigh. Closing date for applications is  30 June 2021 


Redlands, QLD - University Scholarship

Provide scholarship to a girl/women attending university. For more information contact SI Bayside.


Gold Coast, QLD - Beth Taylor Education Scholarship

Provide a scholarship to a mature aged women to assist with the cost of tertiary study. For more information contact SI Gold Coast.

Western Australia

Albany, WA -  South Regional TAFE - Female Student of the Year Award

Recognition of an outstanding female student who has demonstrated herself to be a true all-rounder showing leadership in her community and outstanding results in her field of endeavor - annually in April contact SI Albany

2019 winner - Jessica - presented in April 2020


Albany, WA - Girl Guides Bursary

Soroptimist International Albany’s bursary of $500 to provide financial help to Girl Guides within the Greater Southern Region. The bursary would be available to Guides within the region and meet the specified criteria. Contact SI Albany

SIWA - Stella Giles Award for Achievement

This scholarship is a prize presented to a WA women for her to undertake a project that aligns with the goals and objectives of our organisation. Applications must be made through and supported by a WA Club. To view the criteria please visit - held every two years - next award 2021. Contact SI Albany

South Perth, WA - Education Scholarships

Through the Smith Family, SI South Perth provides 2 scholarships to support one primary school and one secondary school female student in Western Australia.

SI South Perth also provides education scholarships for 2 female students in Bali through the Peduli Bali Foundation.

For more information contact SI South Perth.

Joondalup, WA - Educational Scholarships East Timor

Scholarships include a living allowance, transport and books, For further more information contact SI Joondalup.


Fremantle, WA - Scholarships of $1000 - SI Fremantle Scholarship to women who are currently enrolled in tertiary education

Further information and application form available from, Maxine Kaempf

Applications must be received before March 31st, 2018. Interviews may form part of the selection process if necessary.


Fremantle, WA - Girl Guides Assistance Scholarship

Assist Girl Guides whose families are experiencing financial hardship. Club will consider paying fees, uniform and camp costs as required. For more information contact SI Fremantle.


Fremantle, WA - Scholarship Awards to Local High Schools and University

Awards are to students to recognise the dedication of students to their studies, shown through sustained effort, attitude or motivation. For more information contact SI Fremantle


SI Deakin - Polytech Scholarship 

For more information contact SI Deakin
Tools for Trade Scholarship $500


  • Successful completion of Pre-apprenticeship by a female at Heidelberg PolyTech Institution.
  • For the purchase of tools to support her apprenticeship.
  • Presentation process to be organised.

Cobram, VIC - Secondary School Scholarship

For more information contact SI Cobram.


The Dame Margaret Blackwood Soroptimist Scholarship is to assist a post-graduate student of Genetics in plants, animals or viruses. The scholarship was established to honour Dame Margaret Blackwood, after her death in June, 1986. An eminent scholar in the field of genetics and plant cytology, as well as an eminent Soroptimist, Dame Margaret Blackwood became the first female Deputy Chancellor of the University of Melbourne in 1980. It is through this university that the scholarship is offered and administered. The scholarship is awarded by the Council of the University at such intervals and for such periods as it may determine on the recommendation of a selection committee consisting of:
• the Dean of the Faculty of Science or nominee
• the Professor of Genetics or nominee
• a representative of SISWP.
Applications are invited by notices on University and Faculty notice boards and Soroptimist magazines. The first scholarship was awarded in 1991.

South Australia

Naracoorte, SA - Denise Grieve Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to enable a Naracoorte High School girl, who must move away from her home, to take up tertiary education.
The scholarship is valued at $1,000 and a written application is required and interviews form part of the selection process. Contact SI Naracoorte.

Naracoorte, SA - Dorothy Sachs Award

Two awards are made at Naracoorte High School's End of Year Presentations for girls completing year 11 and 12 Mathematics.
$100 for year 12 and $50 for year 11. Contact SI Naracoorte

Southern Districts of Adelaide, SA - Women in Science

Scholarship of $1,000 awarded annually to a High Achieving Woman in Science at Flinders University, Adelaide. Contact SI Southern Districts of Adelaide

Adelaide, SA - University of Adelaide Gender Studies Award

For more information contact SI Eastern Districts of Adelaide.

Port Pirie, SA - Secondary Schools Scholarship 

At the end of each year Soroptimist International of Port Pirie awards a scholarship of $200 to a senior female student in each of the three secondary schools in Port Pirie. They are given to a student demonstrating leadership skills and academic excellence. For more information contact SI Port Pirie.


New Zealand

Christchurch, NZ - Soroptimist Music Scholarship

Provided to a primary aged school child. For more information contact SI Christchurch.

SI NZ North and South Islands - Betty Loughhead Soroptimist Scholarship

This Scholarship provides financial support to women over the age of 25 who are studying to either: obtain a qualification to enter (or re-enter) the workforce; or to gain a further qualification to advance a careers in business, the professions, the arts; or to change occupation.

Applicants must be enrolled in an NZQA-approved study programme, and all study must be undertaken in New Zealand. This scholarship is restricted to New Zealand citizens;

Applications open on 1 June, and close on 31 August each. For more information or to download an application form:


Gore, NZ - SI Gore President's Scholarship

This scholarship is a cash one and can be used for books and/or tuition fees and/or travel. It is only available to young women from the local community leaving the area for further study. For more information contact SI Gore.


New Plymouth, NZ - SI New Plymouth Lois Williams Education Scholarship

 This scholarship is to assist young women with tertiary studies. This is offered on rotation to one of three secondary schools in New Plymouth. The successful recipient is chosen by the schools.


Penang, Malaysia - SI Penang Education fund

For more information contact SI Penang.


Jakarta, Indonesia - Goodwill Leadership Scholarship Program

Providing scholarships for under privileged university students. For more information contact SI Jakarta.


Dusit, Thailand - Nursing Degree Assistance

Assistance for women to continue their nursing degree. For more information contact SI Dusit.


Dusit, Thailand - Medical Studies at Khon Kaen University

Assistance for women to continue with their medical studies at Khon Kaen University. For more information contact SI Dusit.


Dusit, Thailand - Janie Scholarship Fund

Assistance for women completing a law degree at Khon Kaen University. For more information contact SI Dusit.


Dusit, Thailand - Scholarship for Hill-Tribe Girls

To assist with their ongoing education. For more information contact SI Dusit.


Lautoka, Fiji - Assistance With Completion of Tertiary Education

For more information contact SI Lautoka.


Lautoka, Fiji - Arya Samaj Primary School

Annual prize giving funciton. For more information contact SI Lautoka.


Ba, Fiji - Education Assistance

Education assistance for text book fees. For more information contact SI Ba.