The United Nations focus on youth is recognition of the fact that they are the future.
Whatever is done now will be inherited by them and their input into policies and practices is both desirable and vital. Youth does not see anything as settled, they ask questions and they challenge the status quo. This is not always easy to accept but the reality is that young women and men are already contributing to looking for solutions in innovative ways.

International Youth Day 2017 is dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. The current generation of youth are the largest in history and young people often comprise of the majority in countries marked by armed conflict or unrest, therefore considering the needs and aspirations of youth in matters of peace and security is common sense.
Many of our clubs are working to give the world’s youth the knowledge and experience to become productive and effective guardians of our world.

Showcasing Soroptimist Youth Projects 

 SI Logan, Australia - 10th Annual Leadership Day.

On Friday 12th May SI Logan successfully hosted their 10th Annual Leadership Day, attended by 96 female students in Years 10 & 11 and teachers, from 12 schools across the Logan and Brisbane.

Students and teachers were welcomed by SI Logan members to the Auditorium Springlife Conferencing in Springwood and different schools were seated together to encourage the meeting of new people and sharing stories. A conference bag of ‘goodies’, waiting on their seats provided a nice touch / ice breaker.

The official program included five guest speakers including an Official Opening by Hon. Leeanne Enoch (MP). Guest speakers inspired the audience with their presentations covering widespread topics including personality types, health and nutrition, respectful relationships, lifestyle, healthy relationships, mental health and lifelong learning. With a mix of presentations, games and engaging activities ending the day with student presentations as they shared their 'light bulb moments'.

What an inspiring and emotional end to an amazing day, Roll on 2018 Leadership Day!

20170512 092803a Fotor

SI Melba, Australia - Enpowering Young Women Through Education

melba 1

Empowering Young Women through Education is an event designed to inspire, inform and energise young women to see how the education opportunities they have now will shape the lives they have in the future.

The Breakfast for Year 9-11 students, aims to inspire and provide strategies for girls who are unengaged at school and find it challenging for a variety of reasons. Outcomes for girls who do not complete school are dire and can lead to lifelong disadvantage. For example in Victoria, only 25 per cent of women who are incarcerated, finished Year 12!

SI Melba want to broaden their horizons and show them that education creates many life and employment options and opportunities.

Empowering Young Women through Education will be held on 17 August 2017 at NAB Docklands. This year will be the fourth year running that we are holding this event. As the breakfast is free of charge to 180 school girls and their teachers, our club SI Melba fundraises throughout the year to cover the cost.  This year we partnered with Adviceline Injury Lawyers and hosted a fundraising lunch on 7 June 2017 in their beautiful Terrace Room at their Bourke St Melbourne offices. The lunch entitled ‘What Would I Tell My 15 Year Old Self?’ brought 50 women from different walks of life, ages and backgrounds to reflect on their teenage years, and share their collective wisdom and life experiences. Region President and SI Melba club member Erica Myers-Tattersall facilitated a panel of four amazing women who shared their stories:

Guests enjoyed an elegant champagne lunch courtesy of our sponsors. SI Melba member Susannah Dax organised divine raffle prizes, including Georg Jensen homewares and a Mercedes Benz and winery driving experience. President Raylene spoke about the impact of the Breakfast and the work of Soroptimist International.  

SI Melba thanks our generous sponsor and fabulous host Adviceline Injury Lawyers for their support which helped us raise just over $3,000 for the Empowering Young Women through Education Breakfast.

SI Dusit, Thailand - Funding Education Scholarships in Thailand

image5 Fotor

Every year representatives from SI Dusit travel to rural provinces in Thailand to meet with students who are part of an ongoing Scholarship Programme "Supporting Youth in Nakhon Ratchasima' - Korat area of Thailand, SI Dusit members Khun Pattama and Fumiko lead this project by organising a yearly visit to Korat to meet the students, principal of the school and the Governor of the province. This is a great inter Federation partnership project where three (3) friendship link clubs from Japan donate to this scholarship project.

This year, 26 girls were helped with this Programme which enables the parents, (who are all very poor) to support their girls in continuing their education. A total of Baht 77,000.00 was raised for the scholarship. 

SI Dusit, Thailand - Funding Education Scholarships in Thailand 

image7 Fotor

"Protecting our borders through Education", is another Programme supported by SI Dusit and was initiated by retired Army Majors and Generals near Sa Kaew Province in Thailand.

The programme was established to help maintain Thai borders, by encouraging local families to send their children to school.  Children are transported by bus to different schools to continue their higher education.

SI Dusit work with the army in raising funds for 40 of these students with the proceeds helping pay for the girl’s transportation and schooling costs.

Every year a group of SI Dusit representatives travel with the army for 4 hrs to the army base to meet with the Programme recipients. Nominations for Scholarships,  were presented by current SI Dusit President - Alison Owen, along with gifts and lunch provided by SI Dusit to all of the students and their families on the day.

Young girls received 6,000 baht each, with secondary and tertiary recipients receiving 12,000 baht each year.

SI Port Hedland, Australia - 'Pilbara Girl'

SI Port Hedland 2 Fotor final

Pilbara Girls is an initiative of Goolarri Media (Broome) for young Indigenous women aged 16 to 25. It is about giving them the tools to realise their potential; to empower them in their endeavours; to develop their confidence to dream big and reach for the stars. It is about giving the participants the wings to fly through education workshops and a fashion parade held in Karatha.

SI-Port Hedland contacted Pilbara Girl organisers to offer support, by donating $500 cash, and $500 in personal care items to the fashion parade event along with organising transportation for the girls to and from the venues, and as dressers for their fashion parade.

The results of the programme revealed in a huge transformation of 11 rather shy girls in their mid-teens when they attended their first workshop, to a group of confident young women who demonstrated a strong bond and connection to each other. We saw a young girl with a disability complete the program in an all-inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Speaking with two former "Pilbara Girls" who attest to the life changing effect the program has had, and of the lasting friendships they have developed.

SI Damansara, Malaysia – LifeSkills4Youth

SI Damansara in Malaysia has, over 3 years, had 1000 students graduate from its "LifeSkills4Youth" programme for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and little hope of employment.

A 7 module course in basic employment skills and life skills on work- based learning is closely monitored and evaluated. To date more than 70% of trainees have found full time employment within 3 months and the percentage of successfully placed girls has risen from 60% to 82%.

 SI Lautoka, Fiji – Develop Future Leaders to Protect our Environment

SI Lautoka


Si Lautoka has undertaken a project designed to develop future leaders to protect the environment. Year 11 students were recently given the opportunity to hear from University specialists in climate and the environment.

As a Small Island Developing State(SIDS) Fiji is at risk from climate change and students learned first-hand about issues and how action needs to be taken to protect the future .Future leaders will come from this age group and they need to be aware of issues.


SI Lautoka, Fiji - Our Oceans, Our Future

"Power is not really in the person but it is in the environment and most of us makes mistakes because we do not realize this and live with the misconception that human beings are more powerful."  These sentiments were echoed by Dr Ajantha Perera during the World Ocean day awareness program organized on June 22 by Soroptimist International Lautoka Club at Lautoka Central College attended by year 13 students.

Dr Perera, an environmental advocate originally from Sri Lanka is based at the University of Fiji and her strong message to the students was that the people with wisdom are the ones that have understood and respect the environment. She also informed the students that this year's United Nations theme is 'encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future'.
"One of the things that I have understood from Sri Lanka to Fiji to South Asia to any country in the world most of the problems is due to polythene and littering.
" Not every person is going to the sea but every person is littering every person is producing waste which we still have not understood how to handle this".
"The ocean is sustaining us but it is also takes in whatever you are giving and when the ocean is angry it reacts. Tsunami is a very good example and in 2004 there was a Tsunami in Sri Lanka which killed 35,000 people within 2 minutes." 

Dr Perera added that the biggest problems which are currently faced regarding the damage to the ecosystem of the ocean is over fishing, cutting of mangroves, toxic waste, garbage and oil discharge from sea vessels.
She advised the students to create an awareness to save the ocean at their institute and in their communities with unique ways like paintings to catch the attention. 

SI Lautoka followed this advocacy work through an essay competition for the year 13 students with attractive prizes for the top three essays.
The total number of year 13 students at Central college is around 100 and Lautoka Club received many essay submissions. The greatest achievement of this project is that SI Lautoka managed to not only engage an excellent resource person like Dr Perera for this advocacy work but also connect with Fiji's youth, helping educate them on the importance of ocean conservation work.  Prizes were award to the winners of the competition.



Every day women and girls in the South West Pacific are being Educated, Enabled and Empowed by projects instigated by women just like yourself, who call themselves Soroptimists.  These women from 13 Countries located in the South West Pacific work on projects focused on education, empowerment,
and the creation of enabling opportunities to improve the lives and status of women and girls.

In 2015 members of Soroptimist International South West Pacific have spent over $929,000 on over 500 projects which have directly benefited 22,000 women and girls.

This action demonstrates the "Think Globally, Act Locally", does make a DIFFERENCE to the lives of women and girls 


think globally v3Soroptimists seek not only to help the victims of social inequalities and human rights abuses but also to address the social, environmental and economic factors that are root causes. They research, discuss and have carefully considered positions on major issues of global concern. Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific has special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ESCOC)  has recognised status as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with a broad range of expertise and a comprehensive agenda. This allows our collective efforts and opinions to be shared with a wider community and makes us an effective global voice for women.

Awareness Advocacy Action

Soroptimist members are encouraged to raise their own and others' Awareness of issues of global concern affecting women and girls. Soroptimist Advocate for policy commitments and social changes that will improve the status of women and promote sustainable communities.

Soroptimist Programme Action aims to ensure that women and girls will:

  • enjoy equity and equality
  • live in safe and healthy environments
  • have access to education
  • have leadership and practical skills

NGOs like Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific have been influential in shaping the current global policy framework on women’s empowerment and gender equality, the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and are effective advocates for the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They continue to play an important role in holding international and national leaders accountable for the commitments they made in the Platform for Action.

Soroptimist Position on Global Issues

Soroptimist International has developed a series of position statements on issues of global concern. These have been developed with broad consultation of the membership and represent the collective opinion of the membership on issues of major importance. Full copies of these statements are published in a document titled "Where We Stand". Copies of this can be downloaded from Soroptimist International Where We Stand

In developing position statements, Soroptimist International often supports the principles outlined in such international treaties and conventions as:

  • The Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs);
  • The Platform for Action for Women;
  • The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, including the Optional Protocol;
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • The Convention of the Rights of the Child;
  • Agenda 21

Soroptimists are encouraged to become aware of the content of such documents and advocate for implementation of policies and legislation which support the principles contained in these documents.

Educate, Empower, Enable

Through Project work, Soroptimists work at their local and national level on projects which meet the 8 objectives of Education, Elimination of violence, Economic empowerment, Food security, Healthcare, Environmental sustainability/water and sanitation, Conflict resolution/peace promotion, Disaster relief, mitigation and resilience, the work achieved through these projects provides opportunities to Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls to plan for their future, allows for their economic growth and opens doors to their dreams. 

CSW61 was the greatest gathering of women’s organisations since the Beijing Platform for Action and the United Nations buildings and their surrounds were a blaze of colour mixed with the formal suits of male employees and a true cacophony of languages. All this occurred against a background of bitter cold, snow caked streets and the noises of traffic and sirens that epitomise a giant city.

Read more ...

World Environmental Day June 5th

The Earth, our home, is a living system. It is an “ indivisible, interrelated and interdependent community” of which human beings are only one part. It is finely balanced and any actions which disturb that balance affect not only humans but also many other ecosystems. It is a finite source of resources on which all living things depend and when we pollute our water and our air, when we exploit unrenewable resources, when we poison the land we affect not only our lives but also the lives of other systems.
We are all responsible for the earth on which we live and Soroptimists in many clubs are educating and acting to protect, nurture and improve our home. They may educate the young, protect environments, conserve resources, advocate for future generations or just try to encourage others to live sustainable lives. They recognise that protecting the environment is protecting the future.

Making a Difference to our environment 

The earth belongs to all of us, and as such each individual can make a difference to the environment. We as Soroptimists must continue to focus on environmentally friendly activities and our individual effort will become a collective movement.  Whilst many of us have ceasd to use plastic bags when we shop, how may of us have considered our belovered takeaway morning coffee, did you know that the paper coffee cup is not recyclable.  The majority of these cups have a plastic inner lining which does not breakdown.  Consider that in Australia 1 billion coffee cups a year go to waste disposal, and in America this is estimated to be 23 billion.  

What can we do!

  • Bring your own mug, or purchase the reusable mugs
  • do your safe a favour - take a 5 minute break and drink your coffee at the shop in a ceramic cup
  • Leave the lid behind 
  • At least when you do reycyle, place the plastic lid in the recycle bin and the paper cup in the general disposal bin
  • Start a campaign at work and at home, tell people about this issue and convert them to bring your own mug

 The Ocean Conference 5-9th of June 2017

Soroptimists focus projects around the Sustainable Development Goals,  this conference is asking for a personal commitment to SDG 14 -
"Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development", please visit the website Ocean Conference

At this conference Australian Craig Leeson, who is the son of Soroptimist Margaret Leeson, President and member of S.I. Burnie, Tasmania, will be presenting his movie "A Plastic Ocean", Margaret tells us "The film has been around the world and been watched by people such as ex-president Obama and John Kerry as well as the Smithsonian Institute and has won many awards including top of You Utube chart in America, Canada and Great Britain.  This is a film that will “change the world” said Sir David Attenborough – one of the world’s greatest naturalists.  If you would like to view this film  or view the trailer on plasticoceans trailer.  

What can we do!

  • continue to cease using plastics
  • continue to campaign for supermarkets and manufacturers to switch away from plastics.

Showcasing Soroptimist Environmental Projects

tree 2

SI Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Forest Renewal Project - This project which involved planting Albies Fir trees which grew in the Bogdkhan Mountain before 1970, much of the forest growth had been diminished by the need for firewod and had died out.  This Fir tree grows only in 2 places in Mongolia. Enkhtuul R, SI Ulaanbaatar club member and a biologist, initiated to replant the tree in Bogdkhan mountain, club members planted 50 trees in 2008 and 2009. Every spring and autumn SI Ulaanbaatar club sisters visit the planted fir trees in the Bogdkhan mountain to manage and check on them, the club is also working with local village teams to nurture and protect these young plants.






Air pollution mongoliaSI Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Air Polution Awareness - Soroptimist members took to the streets to protest about air pollution. The use of wood and kerosene contributes to heavy smog which is a health issue particularly for children. This project aims at Advocating, Awarness and Education of more efficient fuel.







SI Lae Calendar projectSI Lae, Papua New Guinea - World Ocean Day Photograpic Competition.  This project aim is to raise awarness amongst secondary school children, a photograpic art competition, where the student has to capture a climate change image, and then write about the problem and how they would go about solving the issue.







Mongolia Si DarkhanSI Darkhan, Mongolia.  Education on Climate Change - Members rebuilt the Biology Classroom for Bayan-Undur Complex, the biological and nature classroom is to assist in teaching about the environment as they realise that education is a vital key in protecting the environment and assisting resilience to the impact of climate change.  Since February 2016, 1000 children have been educated in this classroom, llearning about plants, ecology and animals.  Members hope that the children will gain valuable knowledge of ecology and nature, and being exposed to nature in the classroom the children will gain a better understanding of nature and love our environment.  Members state that they feel people have treated their environment in their communities badly and in some cases destroying it.  Humans are very greedy, as such the members felt that the students needed to better understand the close relationship humans should have with nature and the ecology systems, this class room provides them with this learing experience. 



Soroptimists Educate, Enable and Empower women by providing the opportunities for women and girls to fulfil their dreams.

Education prepares women and girls to plan for their future, and allows for their economic growth and opens doors to their dreams. Educate a women and you educate a whole family.

In 2016 Soroptimists from the Federation of the South West Pacific, spent $275,225 on "Educate to Lead" projects, to assist women and girls. 

Every year Soroptimists from the South West Pacific provide bursaries and scholarships for women to continue their education. Below you will find links to the many scholarships provided each year, click on the link for further information for each of the scholarships.

See list of scholarships available 

New South Wales

Sydney, NSW  - Rural Midwife Scholarship
Scholarship to assist rural midwifes to upgrade knowledge and skills
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Randwick

Central Coast, NSW  - Scholarship for mature aged female students attending TAFE
Students must be attending a TAFE college i situated on the Central Coast
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Brisbane Water

Griffith, NSW - Tertiary Scholarship
Scholarship to provide startup costs to a girl commencing TAFE or university
For further information and criteria details contact SI Griffith for details

Randwick, NSW Rural midwife scholarship
Scholarship will provide attendance at the NSW Midwives Conference
For further details contact , SI Randwick closing date for applications is 15 July each year.


Redlands, Qld  -  Scholarship to provide girls or mature aged women attending university
For further details, criteria and application form contact SI Bayside

Toowoomba, Qld  -  Jean Bryant memorial Bursary
Presented to a year 12 female student how has attended a Toowoomba high school and will be undertaking tertiary education.
For further details, criteria and application form contact SI Toowoomba

South Australia

Adelaide, SA  -  Gender Studies Award
Scholarship available to female students attending University of Adelaide. Awarded to the best candidate on completion of an Undergraduate Degree in Gender Studies and Social Enquiry
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Eastern District

Adelaide, SA  -  Community Service Youth Award
Student scholarship presented by SI Eastern Districts of Adelaide
Presented in January of the current year Contact SI Eastern District

Adelaide SA  -   Biotechnology (Plant Technology) Prize
Awarded to a candidate for post-Master Studies in Biotechnology at Adelaide University.
Contact Click here to Email for application

Adelaide, SA   -  SI Adelaide Esther Bright Travel Award
Applications for the 2017 award are now open . An annual award to enable a female tertiary student to travel to a conference or seminar or symposium, either in Australia or overseas. The travel must be to further her studies and/or research
For further details, criteria and application form contact SI Adelaide

Adelaide SA  -  The Sapphires Soroptimist Prize
This scholarship is awarded to an indigenous female student
for further details please contact Please click here to email

Adelaide, SA  -  Women who make a difference
SI Eastern Districts of Adelaide members recognise that women doing voluntary work sometimes go unnoticed and members nominate women who make a difference to their community. These women are recognised with a certificate at a award ceremony.
For further details, please contact SI Eastern District

Barossa Valley, SA  -  Scholarship for year 12 students
A $2000.00 scholarship is available for students attending schools in the Barossa and Light districts, this is divided between 4 schools, the scholarship is to provide assistance to students undertaking Tertiary studies.
Contact SI Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley, SA  -  Nuriootpa High Dux of the Year
Scholarship provided to the Dux of the Year
Contact SI Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley, SA  -  The Good Sheppard Primary School Award
Scholarship to a student attending The Good Sheppard Primary School in Angaston
Contact SI Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley, SA  -  Operation Flinders - Camp sponsorship
Sponsorship of a child to the value of $1500.00 to attend a camp run by Operation Flinders.
Contact SI Barossa Valley

Naracoorte, SA  -  Dorothy Sachs Award
$100.00 presented to a female student to assist with a Business Studies degree - Presented at the Naracoorte High School Presentation Night
For further information, contact SI Naracoorte Valley

Naracoorte, SA  -  Denise Grieve Soroptimist Scholarship
$1000.00 awarded to a year 12 female student attending University, the student must attend Naracoorte High School
For further information, contact SI Naracoorte


Launceston, TAS - Dame Marjorie Parker Scholarship for University Study
A $1000 scholarship for a high-achieving Tasmanian female student enrolled in an undergraduate course at the University of Tasmania. This statewide scholarship is managed by SI Launceston.
For selection criteria contact SI Launceston

George Town, TAS - Port Dalrymple School Senior Bursary
A $300 scholarship for a Year 10 Port Dalrymple student to attend College (Year 11) to assist with fees/costs. 
Contact SI George Town

George Town, TAS - Port Dalrymple School Junior Bursary
A $75 to a Year 6 Port Dalrymple student going on to Year 7.
Contact SI George Town

George Town, TAS - Star of the Sea Catholic College Senior Bursary
(Edna Gaetani Memorial Award)

A $300 scholarship to a Year 10 Star of the Sea student to attend College (Year 11), to assist with fees/costs. Contact SI George Town

George Town, TAS – Star of the Sea Catholic College Junior Bursary
A $75 scholarship to a Year 6 Star of the Sea student going on to Year 7. Contact SI George Town

George Town, TAS - South George Town Primary School Junior Bursary 
A $75 scholarship to a Year 6 South George Town Primary School student going on to Year 7.
Contact SI George Town

Devonport, TAS - TasTAFE Scholarships
Awarded to female students who have returned to, and continuing with their studies, at the Devonport campus of TasTAFE. Contact SI Devonport

Burnie, TAS - Eulalie Stebbins Scholarship
A $100 annual scholarship awarded to a promising instrumentalist in the Musical Instrument Section at the Burnie Eisteddfod. Contact SI Burnie

Circular Head, TAS – Tertiary Study Scholarship 
A $2000 scholarship to assist a female student from Circular Head who is beginning her tertiary studies. 
Contact SI Circular Head



Cobram, Vic  -  Scholarship for secondary students
For further information contact SI Cobram-Barooga

Melbourne, Vic  -  Indigenous Australian Women's Scholarship
Scholarship to assist Indigenous women attending university, this is a 2 year scholarship
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Business On Collins

Dromana, Vic  -  Scholarship for secondary students
Scholarship of $500.00 awarded to a year 11 girls entering year 12 to study English / Arts design
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Mornington Peninsula

Western Port, Vic  -  Scholarship for secondary students
Scholarship of $500.00 awarded to a year 11 girl entering year 12 to study Art
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Mornington Peninsula

Osborne, Vic  -  Osborne Primary School Margo Tart Scholarship
Two scholarships of $100 each to a year 5 girl and year 6 girl to assist the students with the transition to secondary school.
For further information and criteria details, contact SI Mornington Peninsula

Western Australia

Albany, WA - Greater Southern Region Girl Guides WA - Bursary

The bursary will be used primarily to help girls get to camps. All Guide camps teach the Girls responsibility, respect and give them leadership skills that they remember for a lifetime. In particular it will be targeting region camps and big camps in Perth that educate the girls in a wider range of skills. For further details contact: SI Albany

Albany, WA -  Female student of the Year - South Region TAFE

Recognition of an outstanding female student who has demonstrated herself to be a true all-rounder showing leadership in her community and outstanding results in her field of endeavour. For further details contact: SI Albany

Soroptimist International of Western Australia  -  The Stella Giles Award for Achievement
The Stella Giles Award recognises a Western Australian woman who has made a significant contribution to her chosen field. The Award of up to $10,000 will support the winner to undertake a project that will benefit women and girls. 2017 applications closed on 30 June.

More information visit SIWA's website,

Perth, WA  -  Scholarships to high school students, and university students.
Scholarships are awarded to students for their dedication to their studies, shown through sustained effort, attitude or motivation
For further details and criteria, contact SI Fremantle

Perth, WA  -  Scholarships for Girl Guides
Scholarships will assist Girl Guides to pay guide fees, uniform and camp costs.
For further details and criteria, contact SI Fremantle

Perth, WA  -  Sports Scholarship
Scholarships to assist school aged children to attend sporting clubs, camps etc
For further information and criteria details, contact SI South Perth

East Timor

East Timor -  Soroptimist International Joondalup Educational Scholarships East Timor
The scholarships include a living allowance, transport, and books to assist students located in East Timor to continue their education.
For further details and criteria contact SI Joondalup


Lautoka  -  Scholarship to assist women with the completion of tertiary education
For further details and criteria contact SI Lautoka

Lautoka  -  Arya Samaj Primary School Scholarship
Annual Prize giving scholarship
For further details and criteria contac SI Lautoka

BA  -  Text Book Scholarship
Scholarship to assist with the purchase of text books fees
For further details and criteria contact SI Ba


Jakata  -  Goodwill Leadership Scholarship Program
Scholarship will provide for under privileged women currently attending university
For further details and criteria contact SI Jakarta

New Zealand

Betty Loughhead Soroptimist Scholarship
Named in honour of former SI International President Betty Loughhead, this scholarship provides grants to New Zealand women aged over 25, undertaking tertiarty studies for the purpose
 of gaining a qualification that will enable them to enter or re-enter the workforce or to change in occupations. The scholarship is restricted to New Zealand citizens studying at a recognised educational facility in New Zealand.

For further details visit the BLSST website or email Secretary BLSST 

SI New Plymouth  -  New Zealand Central Lois Williams Education Scholarship for Girls
Granted annually to a girl completing secondary schooling and seeking a tertiary education. On a rotational basis of the three eligible secondary schools, a minimum of $1,000 is granted to a needy girl to assist with tertiary study fees and/or purchase of books.
For further details contact club secretary SI New Plymouth

Christchurch, NZ  -  Soroptimist Music Scholarship
Scholarship to enable a primary school child the ability to learn music
For further details and criteria contact SI ChristChurch

Gore, NZ  -  SI Gore President's Scholarship
This scholarship is provides money to assist with the purchase of books; tuition fees and or travel. The scholarship is open to young women from the local Gore district.
For further details and criteria contact SI Gore


Dusit   -  Nursing Scholarship
Assistance for nursing students to continue their studies
For further details and criteria contact SI Dusit

Dusit -  Medical Scholarship
Assistance for medical students currently attending Khon Kaen University
For further details and criteria contact SI Dusit

Dusit  -  Janie Scholarship fund
Assistance for law degree students currently attending Khon Kaen University
For further details and criteria contact SI Dusit

Dusit  -  Education Scholarship
Assistance for students to complete the education.
For further details and criteria contact SI Dusit - SID website

Dusit  -  Scholarship for Hill Tribe Girls
Assistance for students to continue their education
For further details and criteria contact SI Dusit - SID Website

Thailand  -  Minmahaw Education Foundation
Mae Sot,T Thailand, This scholarship is to provide for women to continue their education, students must be residents of Thailand.
Contact SI Canberra for further details. Closing Date for applications 30th June


Soroptimist Projects

Soroptimist members from the South West Pacific volunteer to improve the lives of women and girls through projects identified at the local level (their clubs), these projects work to Educate, Empower and Enable the recipients (women and girls), they lead to social and economic empowerment.